Welcome to St.Theresa's Primary school, Glebe. 

St. Theresa's P.S. is a Voluntary Maintained School, admitting boys and girls aged 4 to 11.  The school building, which opened in March 1987, is very well maintained and had a new extension completed in March 2004.  It stands in the middle of the Glebe Community as a focal point for that Community and as a testimony to the determination of the people to have nothing but the best possible Educational Provision for their children, no matter what the cost.  The school replaced an older building, which had served the area for over seventy years.  St. Theresa's P.S. seeks to be a happy place, where everyone will feel welcome and will also feel that he or she belongs there. It also seeks to be a place where children will learn with enjoyment and good humour will permeate everything going on.

The school operates a vibrant Fund-Raiser usually in Term 1 by promoting a 10 Week Draw - very necessary funds which keep it ticking over for the year in hand.

St. Theresa's school has six spacious classrooms and lots of working space, toilets and cloakroom areas.  There is a hall, which is used for Physical Education, Music, Assemblies, Concerts and other school functions.  Meals are cooked in our own kitchen and are served fresh daily in the dining room, for which it has received the Healthy Eating Award annually over the past number of years. The school has also received the Gold Award for being A Health Promoting School ten years running, to date. The Governors and Staff, with the support of the Parents, are always working to improve the environment of the school. The Staff and Pupils are continually involved in initiatives to protect and take care of their local environment, such as planting trees, funded by Woodland Trust, recycling Yellow Pages annually and promoting local campaigns such as ASDA's - Go Green for Schools initiative which encourages the recycling of Shopping Bags. Window Boxes and shrubbery areas, to enhance the general aesthetics of the school building are all taken care of by the pupils themselves. The younger pupils frequently visit and take an intense interest in the bird table, school pond and wild life nature reserve area, which will be greatly enhanced thanks to vital funding received from Awards For All.