COVID-19 - Emergency Support for Children of Key Workers

Dear Parent / Guardian,

The following checklist contains important information to consider before applying for a place for your child:

• Children and their families are safest at home.
• As per the Minister of Education's advice, children should ONLY be sent to school, ‘...where there is NO OTHER VIABLE OPTION to make alternative arrangements. If you can, use an alternative.' For example, other family members, friends, students who are off college, or other means. Our school should only be used as a last resort. This is to try and limit the number of children and adults together in a small space, in line with social distancing guidance.
• If you are not a Key Worker, DON'T send your child to school.
• Children who are medically vulnerable should NOT be sent to school.
• Children in families with any member who is medically vulnerable, should NOT be sent to school.
• If you are self-isolating, DON'T send your child to school.
• If you work part time, you must ONLY use the service for the hours you need.
• If you can work from home, do so.
• Childcare will be available 9.00a.m. - 3.00p.m.

We have been asked to communicate to parents that any decision to send a child to school must be based on trust and we appeal to parents not to abuse the service to further prevent the spread of the virus and put staff and other children at risk.

We ask that you pay attention to the points outlined above and consider carefully the risks before deciding to apply for emergency cover at school. If your ONLY OPTION is school, we will risk assess further and see if we can accommodate your request.

As you are aware, children are at the centre of every decision we make and all the above is aimed at ensuring that their health and well-being, together with that of the staff are paramount at this crucial time.
We do not want to be responsible for spreading the virus in our local community, given how contagious and serious this illness is.

If you wish to apply for emergency cover, please email kmclaren539@c2kni. We will then decide on what is feasible to offer.

We wish you good health and safety during this difficult time for all in our community,
Yours sincerely,


Mr L. Monaghan - Principal

Mr Cormac McKervey - Chair of Governors