Ethos of the School

At The Model Primary School the principal and staff are committed to ensuring the good ethos of the school within an atmosphere of care and respect in the formal and informal life of the school.This ethos helps to create a positive learning environment. This in turn creates:

       -  healthy relationships within the school

       -  the improvement of pupils' self-esteem and self-confidence

       -  parental support for the work of the staff

       -  positive ways to promote & keep good standards of discipline                         

       - effective learning                                       

The school upholds the charter of the Model Schools and the provision of "United Education" by welcoming pupils from all cultures and traditions, both political and religious. Within a happy, caring and disciplined framework, Londonderry Model Primary School endeavours to provide a balanced education, in the fullest sense, and to encourage pupils to develop their individual personalities, interests and potential.                   

      An important element of this ethos is the development of personal responsibility. The school has recently incorporated PDMU into the school curriculum where children are encouraged to respect the rights, feelings and attitudes of others so that they develop understanding and tolerance of the differences represented by our school community and society.

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