McClintock School is located in the picturesque village of Seskinore, in rural County Tyrone.

We have a reputation both  locally and nationally of providing an excellent education for all of our children.  McClintock P.S. recognises that each child owns talents that need to be awakened.  Through the broad and balanced curriculum that McClintock offers, we believe that the potential that your child possesses can be unlocked and nurtured.  Our primary school is also renowned for its caring ethos where the intellectual, spiritual, moral, emotional and physical aspects of each child is developed and celebrated. 

The school crest depicts a pheasant in the nearby Seskinore forest, an area of natural beauty, peace and historical significance to the McClintock family, which built the original school building over 110 years ago. The sun rising in the background signifies the warmth of our school environment and the heights that we believe that everyone can aspire to.